up4sa unite in prayer

Our Call…

… National Prayer Day – 6th Year running.
SUNDAY 28 MARCH 2021 : 07h00 – 08h00
Prayer Points all across our Country, mobilizing as many Towns and Cities as possible.  We as Christians need to persist in Prayer, this is another opportunity to unite in Prayer for our Nation.  More than 160 Towns/Communities registered in 2016, 230+ in our second year (2017) and 250+ in 2018, 2019 & 2020.  We trust the Lord for an even greater unified effort in 2021…

2021 … we have to alter our approach this year because of the covid-19 pandemic.  We will have a LIVE Prayer session broadcasted through one of our local Radio 
Stations (Wild Coast FM : www.wildcoastfm.co.za), which can be accessed nationwide via their website to listen in, pray and agree to, in unity.
9 Individuals from our 9 Provinces in SA are lined up to pray (3-5min) LIVE “telephonically” during the hour slot.  Their Prayers will cover some critical concerns in our 
Nation.  Angus Buchan will also participate in sharing a LIVE 10-minute “Word of encouragement” and prayer for our Nation.

A  definite Prayer movement is blowing through our Country with many strong, active and powerful Prayer Networks.
The Up4SA Prayer initiative are extremely blessed to be part of IFSA “Intercessors for South Africa”.
This body consists of more than 40 Prayer Networks across South Africa.
For this, we praise the Lord! God is on the move! South Africa will be saved!

Kindly WhatsApp 073-899-2323  or Email admin@up4sa.co.za for more information!


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For more information regarding this Event or to Register as an Area Coordinator : Contact us on admin@up4sa.co.za